VPN Routing


I have a question on routing, that I need your help with please

Brief topology overview

Site A - Peplink 1350 -
Site B - Peplink 710 -

Site A & B are connected via a Speedfusion VPN

Sites C - Z - Peplink 210s -

Site A & B each have a Speedfusion VPN established to Sites C - Z

Now for the question:

How do I stop hosts on Site A ( from connecting to a Site C - Z hosts via Site B ( And vice-versa?

Also, on the Site C - Z 210s can I enfore the route they take to A & B, I would imagine sometimes they are routing via other 10.90 hosts or via site B to get to A etc…



Can someone from the Peplink team or otherwise please advise?



You may turn on Expert Mode as below:-

Then ensure created new Outbound Policy places above of PepVPN Routes as below:-

You may apply similar changes at site A and B.

Thanks for that, exactly what I was looking for!