VPN PPTP not passing data. Peplink Balance 305 > Win7 client

OK, so i setup a pptp connection to Balance from a win7 pc at remote location. It connects fine, I can ping PC’s at office site from the remote site, can ping the remote pc from the office site.
I have a camera server at the remote site that connects to a video viewer at the office site. It will not connect and display video. It also logs events in a scrolling window, but it will not do that either. It is initiated at the remote site and connects to viewer server at the office. It retries every 30 seconds. It worked fine when I set it up on the local LAN. Are there ports being blocked inside the VPN tunnel?

I have tried same setup with a site to site VPN of a Balance 305 and a MaxBR1 with PepVPN. Good connection but still will not pass data (video or events) thru.

Any ideas where to go from here?

Are you able to ping the camera server and viewer server through the VPN? If not, do they have a default gateway of the local Balance 305 and MAX BR1? Ports would not be blocked if the internal firewall rules are not configured to do so.

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yes I can ping both directions to each destination… That is only thing i can do.

Please open a support ticket with us here so we may investigate the issue.

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