VPN only through 4G, rest bridged

Hello there,

I’ve been asked to dig into Peplink for a potential customer. The client needs to reach their fleet anytime trhough WAN-WiFi, WAN or 4G (in that specific order with hot-failover) with a L2VPN. I already tested it with a BPL350 plus a MAX-BR1 and it works dandy.

Now, a new request just came in. They want to tunnel traffic just when WiFi-WAN/WAN is unavailable and only 4G is an option. When WiFi-WAN/WAN is available it should just bridge it locally from LAN to any of those WANs.

This is because they need a huge amount of bandwidth do be delivered from the CCTV on their fleet when they arrive to the central station. The Balance Routers have a limited bandwidth when traffic is being tunneled, so avoiding the tunnel when WiFi-WAN/WAN is available would avoid upgrading the BPL to a higher end model.

Is this doable? I haven’t been able to configure it with the gear I’m tinkering with.



Hello @AaronFuentes,
There are several ways you may be able to accomplish this requirement.
The most robust and flexible would be to use the Peplink Speedfusion with a combination of outbound policies within the Speedfusion makeup and also the router’s networking.

A good discussion point would be to put up a diagrammatic (network schematic) showing the combination of network paths from CCTV router to a central facility.
Is the reason you want to use IPSec due to that the camera is creating the VPN connection? You can still have this while using SpeedFusion also.

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Hello @mldowling,

rethinking the whole thing, I think it’s easier to do a SpeedFusion L2VPN with only the WAN and 4G interfaes and use WAN WiFi to bridge traffic directly to the CCTV VLAN.

The connectivity priority should be like this:
1.- WAN-WiFi: only available on end locations → to be used whenever possible
2.- WAN: available on several locations, it connects through cable with an external AP that establish a mesh connection to another AP when possible → to be used only when 1 isn’t available
3.- 4G: available through the whole path → to be used just in case 1 and 2 are not available

The goal is to use the WAN-WiFi whenever possible without tunnel (bridge LAN directly to CCTV VLAN through WiFi WAN) and if this is not available use the SpeedFusion VPN (LAN through L2VPN to BPL-Router then CCTV VLAN). A hard requirement is to not change the gear on board ip addresses.

                                    +------------+                 +----------+
                                    |            |                 |          |
         +--------------+ 4G +------+ BPL-ROUTER <--+ CCTV VLAN +-->  ROUTER  |
         |                          |            |                 |          |
         |                          +------------+                 +--^-----^-+
         |                                                            |     |
         |                                                            |     |
  +------+------+                                                     |     |
  |             +-------+ WAN+WiFi +-------+ CCTV VLAN +--------------+     |
  |   MAX+BR1   |                                                           |
  |             +-------+ WAN +------------+ CCTV VLAN +--------------------+
      LAN PORT

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