VPN maximum one connection

I have a network with a B310X at the home office, and (6) Balance One at remote sites. Pep VPN or Speed Fusion (depending on device version) in a star pattern from home office. All of the remote sites have at least one other direct link, up to the device limit of VPN sessions (2 sessions standard on Balance One, some devices are upgraded to allow more concurrent sessions).

I have one specific Balance One that will only allow one VPN connection at a time. It always succeeds on whichever connection is first in the setup screen. I’ve tried switching devices, I can always make it connect to any other single device, but only one at a time. The affected device is running firmware 8.1.2. This particular device does not have the upgrade for more than 2 VPN connections.

I can watch the authentication. It seems to get authenticated to the second device but fails at Building Tunnnels. It then starts trying over and over. I have the same firmware version running all the other AP One with no issues with multiple simultaneous VPN connections.

I did some more experimenting, including upgrading the all the Balance One to 8.1.3. In the process I learned the issue is not about whether there is one or two simultaneous tunnels. This particular Balance One simply will not connect to another Balance One. It will connect easily and quickly to my B310X, but not to another B1.

I’m open to suggestions. I have a spare B1 that I’m going to take to that location and do a replacement. I don’t know how it could be an issue with the ISP, especially as there are two internet connections from different providers.

Assuming the Balance One with a problem is remote site A. It is failed to establish PepVPN tunnel with remote site B.


  1. Can I confirm site B’s Balance One has sufficient PepVPN peer license?

  2. May I know the site A managed to establish PepVPN with site C? Ensure site C has sufficient PepVPN peer license.