VPN issues with iPhone - Solved



I am having trouble connecting to an IP that’s on a VLAN (tag 44). I am able to ping the address when connecting from my Windows 10 VPN. But when I login from my iPhone VPN, I am not able to ping the address.

It did work before, but for some reason it is no longer working.

Router: Peplink Balance 20.
VPN type: L2TP with IPsec
Switch: Unifi (tag set through unifi controller)

Here are some screenshots of my setup if that can help.

Remote User Settings


Network Settings

VLAN Settings

Firewall Rules



I think I figured out the issue.

I had previously logged in locally (destination of the vpn) via another vlan (for visitor wifi).

So when I logged on later through vpn from home, it might have had some trouble and caused confusion with the vlan for that.

so at the office, i logged into the main corporate wifi. I then logged in again through vpn, and it worked this time.


actually, figured out the real issue.

it turned out the subnet at home was and at work it was as well.

so i looked it up and that can cause conflicts. i changed the vlan at work to a different subnet and it works well again now.

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