VPN Interface Details in Active Session


HI Guys,

I have a single SpeedFusion that having multiple tunnel.
For example:
VPN-A-TO-B-1 (Use WAN 1 Only)
VPN-A-TO-B-2 (Use WAN 2 Only)

When I view the active session it will show session from ‘VPN’ interface only. Is there anyway can we know the session is going via VPN-A-TO-B-1 or VPN-A-TO-B-2 ?


Hello @Tony.Cheng,
Where are you attempting to look at this?
On the Status tab of the Web Admin page you will find down the left side a menu “Active Sessions”.

Inside here you can start to drill down into what clients are using what connection.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:



Active Sessions does just provide valid informations for “non-Speedfusion-sessions”. For Speedfusion, it does only show:


It would be nice to see all the “technical tunnels” for traffic - not for sessions (that would not make sense for speedfusion). With two ISPs on both sides, i would prefer to see traffic:

A-WAN1 <-> B-WAN1
A-WAN1 <-> B-WAN2
A-WAN2 <-> B-WAN1
A-WAN2 <-> B-WAN2

Sessions are split in Speedfusion-mode, so it it “generally” on multiple “sub-tunnels”.


HI Marcus,
Yes, In order to show session route to interface VPN, anyway to display it route to which sub-tunnel?
VPN-A-TO-B-1 (WAN 1 connect to peer WAN 1 Only - Sub-tunnel)
VPN-A-TO-B-2 (WAN 2 connect to peer WAN 2 Only - Sub-tunnel)


Would this be too technical to be display?
What I require is I create a SF tunnel and having 2 sub-tunnel within it.
The sub-tunnel configured as:
Sub-tunnel 1 - WAN1 to peer WAN1 only
Sub-tunnel 2 - WAN2 to peer WAN2 only
Outbound policy will define the route on certain protocol/services route via the s-t 1 or s-t 2.
When browse to active tunnel, would be good to see if the session flow through s-t 1 or s-t 2.


This is not supported currently. Your request has been relay the team for further review.



Thanks Mr. TK… :blush: