VPN High latency and packet loss

Hi Guys

Model Peplink Balance 580
Firmware 6.2.2 build 3362
PepVPN Version 4.0.0

Recently we upgraded our firmware to version 6.2.2 Build 3362 this was done 1st November 2015
On Monday 23rd November we lost most of our connection to our cloud through our vpn.
We had noticed that the packet loss was sitting at 75 pkt/s and Latency was at 120 ms, this caused all of our virtual machines to crash.
I then rebooted the peplink and the problem went away.
This morning the same thing happened we had a 75 pkt/s and 125 ms latency. ( Could it be a build up over time)

I have been told that I would need to purchase a warranty as our has expired years ago in order to find the fault ( Advised by our cloud providers)

Has anyone come across this issue ? or have any advice to give on the matter. Do I need to purchase a new warranty/peplink?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Hmm It is possible that it may be a build-up. Appreciate if you could upgrade to the below firmware. If this is still a issue after the upgrade, go ahead and open a ticket with us.


Thanks Jarid

I will download and install the update tonight and follow up with my findings
Thanks for your time.