VPN for remote users access deployment with Microsoft Intune

As a consequence of the Covid situation I want to deploy smoothly VPN profiles to coworkers that work from home.

My needs :

  • deploy profiles silently without any user interaction. I use Microsoft Intune to manage my Windows 10 computers.
  • connect my users to my Peplink Balance 580 VPN server

But I can’t figure how to do this :frowning:

  • On one side, Intune Windows 10 VPN profile deployment support a lot of VPN types but always requires modern EAP authentification modes, no Preshared Key (PSK), only certificate.
  • On the other hand, Peplink seems to only support PSK, MS-CHAPv2 legacy authentification.

Is there a way to make Peplink and Microsoft find a common agreement and work together ? Am I missing something ?


Not that I can think of.

Normally see this done with MS VPN server roles.

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Not sure to understand. Do you mean with additional On Premise Microsoft VPN server ?

Yes. I have customers who leave Peplink doing perimeter multi-wan routing and site to site VPN, then host a MS Server for remote client VPN termination.

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