VPN error : No acceptable response, please verify the settings


We are trying to create a IPSEC connection with a draytek 2920.

We get the following error:No acceptable response, please verify the settings.

Can someone assist us?



  • Please avoid Local Networks as Your network segment was conflict since was subnet of Your may define based on your existing local segment.

Please consult your vendor on IPSec settings for draytek 2920.


Thanks for the reply. We bought 3 pepwave max br1 4g routers and are in the process to buy more, we just need to know they work with watchguard. Draytek was just a test. Do you got any examples how to make a pepwave work with a watchguard? It looks like we are having problems with the remote id, cause its not a static ip cause of the 4g provider.



Hi Justin,

Please refer to this forum. I think should help your problem.


Thanks, I tried the settings but still not working.

Pepwave settings:

Watchguard settings:

Am i missing something?

Note: the pepwave is on a 4g connection, but that wouldnt be a problem would it?


Its working now!
The tunnel goed up, and its connected, but neither of the machines behind the watchguard/pepwave can ping/reach eachother. Am I missing something in the Pepwave?
Do we need to enable NAT-T?

As you said the MAX BR1 is using 4G as WAN connection, I expect it’s using private IP and behind NAT. So your guess is probably correct, yes, please enable NAT-Traversal on IPsec VPN settings page (on top of the IPsec VPN Profiles) and try again. Thank you.

Hi Justvd,

I was wondering if you’ve had success with turning on the NAT-T setting and if that fixed the end-to-end ping once enabled? It would be valuable information for the community.