VPN - Down 1 route in Profile ipsec vpn

Hi Brothers :blush:
Please to meet all of You !
I have a problem with my VPN, hope brothers help me fix.

Problem is :
- In Network → VPN - IP secVPN - Profile VPN

    -My profile VPN have 3 routes ( remote network ) to my LAN’s HeadQuater and VPN connection succeeded. But Weekly Every Saturday or Sunday one of three routes a Drop DOWN. 

I have to login from internet and Disable profile VPN then Enable ,3 routes Up again

I have been checked with my ISP they said they didn’t do anything with my FTTH.
Please tell me how i can fix it.
Thank You with love
P/s: sorry with my bad English :smiley:

Please ensure you are using latest firmware version. If the problem persists with the latest firmware version, please open ticket for us to check.

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