VPN Capabilities

Can any of your (mobile broadband) devices use an Ethernet Connection or a CANN Bus Connection or Mod Bus? Can these devices be programmed with a Cisco VPN which routes (phone’s home) to our chosen end point (Server, Cloud ) I need to know if the device can be private only to use the VPN and only allow a device or authorized user to access the unit?

None of the current models support CAN Bus or MOD bus, some support RS232 directly (eg BR1 Mini, BR1 Slim).
Yes you can configure an IPSEC back to a CISCO endpoint, but if you’re using Multi-WAN / Cellular I would highly recommend Peplinks PepVPN.

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Thank you Martin. Do these devices have an Ethernet port to set up IPSEC?

I suggest you take a closer look at the MAX devices. All of them have LAN and WAN designated Ethernet ports.

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