Vpn Bonding through private lan

Hi to all ,

Can I use Max 700 for vpn bonding inside private lan , without internet access ?
I have two Metro lines of 3Mbps each at the same loaction connected to each one of the two “WAN” ports , can I aggregate these two lines ?

another scenario :

I have two “low bandwidth point tp point RF links” and i would like to aggregate them , let’s say that I connect each one of these wireless links to each one of the two max 700’s WAN ports , is it possible to get aggregation of the two links ?

it’s all question of how the bonding algorithm works , does it need internet or cloud based ( I really dont know ) OR the max 700 are independent and bonding is only peer to peer ?

Thanks in advance


You will need two Peplink/Pepwave devices connected to each other to achieve bonding as it is peer to peer. This can be done in a private network as long as there is connectivity between the routers.

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Thanks Ron