VOIP traffic over PepVPN PepWave Max BR1 -> PepLink 310



we are trying to force VOIP traffic in a remote office over the PepVPN connection that we have established,

Is it possible so set up a rule to say that traffic to a specific external IP must route via the VPN? We’ve not been able to work out how to do this,

The remote office has a PepWave Max BR1, the main office has a PepLink 310. The PepVPN is working and we can print in the main office from the remote office




Yes, if you are running current firmware you can create custom outbound PepVPN rules.


Many thanks for this,

we’ve updated the devices at both ends to 6.2.1, we’ll try it again,

Best wishes,




running the 6.2.1 firmware fixes this, many thanks for the tip.

now the VPN is listed as an option under ‘enforce outgoing connection’ under ‘outbound custom rules’ in the pepVPN settings,

this is working very well for us,

Best wishes,



Good deal, thanks for the update :up: