VoiceOver Guy Looking For The Right Setup For Boondocking


Someone in another forum recommended I come here and see what people had to say. I am a voice over artist who is building out a Class B van with acoustics in mind so that I can continue to do my work while being in the middle of nowhere (but in range of cell signal, of course). I’m not a tech person by any stretch and I am bouncing around the internet trying to find the right setup for my needs. At times it seems like using a basic hotspot or even tethering to my phone will be fine. Other times I’m like, hmm, people are saying I should get dual modems so I can “load balance” or achieve “bonding.” I don’t think I require Speedfusion Cloud, if the session drops, it’s okay and I can reconnect and everyone will be okay with that. But what I’m hearing is that somehow a dual modem setup with 4x4 mimo antenna will allow the max transit duo to achieve more signal and better speeds.

I use Source Connect for work. Here is a page they have for requirements: https://support.source-elements.com/show/sourceconnect-and-mobile-connections-united-states

However the page is a little misleading. Most of the time I’m in a session the bottom of the program window reads, “ports not mapped.” They also have a new feature where, as long as both ends of the connection are using Apple products, you can select and option called Source Stream which eliminates the need for port mapping. Further, I troubleshot with a woman from Source Elements and she said, there’s never any need for port forwarding when someone is trying to connect more lo-fi, as in using a cell phone as a hotspot (as I did on my call with her). She said she guesses there are just fewer complicating elements and “firewalls” in cell phones. Essentially she told me as long as I’m getting 3mbps up and down and the ping/latency is ok, I’m golden.

It would be really cool to use your products and do voice overs from the road. A nice use case.

Any advice is extremely appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

The MAX Transit DUO CAT 12 is a very good box indeed for what you’re looking to do. That with a neat PUMA 401 antenna on your roof will give you the best possible chance of getting connected to a local cellular tower. Dual modems (with a SIM from two or more providers) helps improve the usable coverage area too.

Tethering to phones or using a dongle can be fine too, but a proper router and antenna setup will let you work farther away from civilisation and for longer since neither dongles / mifis nor tethering is designed to be used for extended periods.

If you do find you need forwarded ports - or you want to improve reliability with seamless failover then SpeedFusion VPN is a great way to achieve that later.

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Also: [Peplink for RV] Feature 1 - Any Internet Connection - SpeedFusion Marketplace


Thanks for your reply. Does the Max Transit Cat 18 support Bridge (IP pass through) mode?


If you use your own FusionHub for SpeedFusion, you can port forward directly from the public IP address of the FusionHub to a device on the LAN of your Peplink Router.

I have read the article you posted above (https://support.source-elements.com/show/sourceconnect-and-mobile-connections-united-states)

-You do not need to request a static public IP address from your carrier, the static public IP address would be from your FusionHub. This means you can ultimately “bridge” from the public IP address of your FusionHub directly to your end device.

Please send me an email if you want to discuss this further as we would be interested in doing a case study of this setup maritime@peplink.com

Thank You