Voice doesn't work when MPLS connected as Drop-In Mode

Hello Peplink Team,
We have installed a Peplink Balance 710 (Firmware v8.1) on The HQ Site, we created SpeedFusion with 25 Peplink 30 Pro (Firmware 8.1) in the Remote Sites (Star Topology).
the SpeedFusion work perfectly
there’s a PABX installed on each site, the Voice working perfectly between HQ site and SpeedFusion sites.
we have also other sites connected with the HQ site via MPLS, the MPLS is linked to Peplink 710 as Drop-In Mode.
the issue is when we make calls with MPLS remote sites, the phones rings but we can’t hear each ohter.
Any Suggestions ?

When you look at status > Speedfusion page of the remote sites, have they learnt a route to the MPLS sites? Can they ping a device on a remote MPLS site?

This is a common scenario in Voice over IP setup. You have a port forwarding and/or firewall problem blocking the audio stream ports. SIP phones use port 5060 UDP to establish the connection, and 10,000 to 20,000 to carry the audio.

Port forwarding should not be necessary if everybody is connected by VPN, provided that the VPN knows where everybody is. What type of VPN are you using with the MPLS remote sites? You might need to build rules so that each of the servers knows how to find the other one. Pep VPN will build those rules for you including second hops, but other types of VPN will not.

Other types of VPN also require you to open the firewall for the needed ports. Again this is complicated with other types of VPN if there are second hops. The fact that the other phone rings tells me you have connection and firewall in at least one direction. You probably have a firewall issue. I’ve been to this movie before.

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