I just install the Incontrol_System and DB-System 2.4.0.vhd with Hyper V option in the server. I reach in this phase:

So please i want the login and password of the system. And what is the next step and who to add or connect the device to this server.


Hi @Rami_Habibi,

You shouldn’t need to login to those virtual machines.

Instead, you browse to the portal page https://incontrol.< IP_Address >:4443

Username = admin
Password = admin

Page 13 / 14 of this guide should help to explain the next steps in more detail:-

Hope this helps,



Hi @Steve.Taylor,
Yes i know i entry to the portal page and i add the license and i stopped.
I didn’t understand the topic 3.Input E-mail Delivery Settings
I follow the steps of 4. Input Google Maps API Key but i find that this option is not for free. Can you help me in this.

Rami habibi.