VLAN Support to allocate bandwidth


We want to design solution where bandwidth allocation will be done using VLAN. Only VLAN1 will have bandwith allocation of 2 Mbps bandwidth, rest all users will able to use Total bandwidth - 2 Mbps (which is allocated to VLAN1).

How we can make this configuraton.

Thanking you.

Nikhil Tripathi

If you have different subnet for each VLAN, you can use QoS Group to reserve the bandwidth of each user group. But you cannot set the cap bandwidth for each group currently. I will move this topic to feature request.

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I agree. that the bandwidth per vlan can control also…

I vote for this. VLAN support per physical LAN port and the ability to set outbound rules per VLAN would be great. At my site, we have two organizations that share the internet, it would be great to be able to isolate them.


We have requested this feature since 2010 , please consider this seriously.
even if VLANs have different subnets then you have limitation on only 3 groups which are Manager-Staff-Guest and this is not sufficient and useless in many scenarios. recently we missed a project only because of the limitations on the bandwidth management :frowning:
Please Consider this feature request seriously.

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This would be a great feature to have.