VLAN Support for the LAN Ports

Dear Team, I am using the Firmware version v6.1.0 in Peplink Balance BPL-20. I am able to see the VLAN feature for the LAN ports but still the feature is incomplete. The user should be able to assign the LAN ports in different different VLANs i.e. Port Based VLAN (Untagged/Access) should be there in the firmware for the LAN Ports. I believe, this is the main feature/requirement these days & if this will be done, it will be able to replace other brand’s Routers in most of the environments. Thanks & Regards : Balbeer Singh, Asst.Manager-Technical, Microsense Pvt. Ltd. ([email protected]; +91-9953196356).

Hi Balbeer, currently we only support the industry standard 802.1q VLAN tagging and you would need to use a manageable switch plugged in to the Balance.

Port based VLAN tagging has already been requested as a feature, and we are looking in to this for possible future implementation.