VLAN Question

Hello. I have a Balance 30 connected to a HP Procurve 2900-24G switch. There are several VLANS from the switch. I know that Peplink do not yet support VLANS on the LAN side but I only need DHCP for one of my VLANs. My question then is if I put the Peplink on the same subnet as the VLAN requiring DHCP service, and I point the switch default gateway to the Peplink, and all of my other devices on the other VLANs have static IP addresses, could I use the Peplink in this configuration?


Yes. You can put the Peplink LAN on one VLAN. And that VLAN will be servered by Peplink’s DHCP server. For the other VLANs will be considered as another subnet behind the Peplink, you just need to add the LAN static routes on Peplink for those subnets. And add the default gateway of switch to Peplink.

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Hi Alaster,

Do you able to able to route the other Vlan subnet to the Internet using the config mentioned by Chung-Lai Chan?

Hi there.

Sorry, I didn’t try it out in the end. I went with a different solution altogether.

Now that Peplink supports VLANs on LAN side, how can we assign ports to specific VLANs?

I want to assign ports 1&2 to VoIP traffic with a specific VLAN on my HD4.

Currently Peplink supports only the standard 802.1q VLAN tagging. Port based VLANs being a popular feature request, will be considered for future firmware releases.

VLAN can communicate with each other, but they are unable to communicate with hosts on different VLANs.
VLAN mismatch” can cause traffic from one vlan to leak into another vlan.

I couldn’t get your question, can you elaborate your issue further?

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I have received another request on this. Do you have any advices on implementing somehow different VLAN on LAN? It is feasible via WiFi but I can’t find a way for LAN.

Maybe with different fix address or ranges mapped to different VLANs? Would that work?


We do support Vlan since v6.1.0. Please find here for more details.

For port based Vlan, we target to support on v6.3. Stay tuned.