VLAN feature - my feedback

I’m happy to see this feature but I do see some things I’d like to see added to this functionality.

  1. Force tagging of untagged packets to a specific vlan per port
  2. QoS with VLAN prioritization
  3. allow or deny vlan traffic on specific ports.

Basically I’d like to see some layer 3 routing between the ports like a typical layer 3 switch can do.

Agreed. Inter-VLAN routing would be great…

+1 for this

@Dave, Inter-VLAN routing is included in 6.1 beta. You can define the IP address with different subnet for each VLAN. The LAN port will become trunk port, and you can connect a pre-configured layer 2 VLAN switch. Each VLAN will have its own subnet and DHCP server. The workstations on VLANs can obtain their IP address/subnet and default gateway from Peplink/Pepwave MAX, and the workstations on different subnet can be routed properly.


I don’t think you understand what we are asking for. Sure the LAN ports become trunking ports, we don’t want that necessarily. Say I have the default vlan, vlan 20 and vlan 30 assigned. I want to set port one of the peplink’s switch to mark any packets that are untagged as vlan 30 and block all other traffic. Set port two to pass packets on vlan 30 only and isolate those two ports to their own network. I could see this useful in both the voip and wireless guest arenas as a start. I guess I really don’t see the usefulness of vlans in the peplink when most any layer 3 switch can handle the routing. The only benefit I might concede is the fact that you can have multiple DHCP ranges, but again, many layer 3 switches can do the same now. Couple that with application based QoS only and I really don’t think I will use it in it’s current state. If you suggest I use the ports as trunking on the peplink side, I really see no added benefit but merely extra programming that may be unnecessary. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

What Beavis said. For us, we share a building with another user, I want to plug them into port 2 and have everything on that port isolated from everything else.

Maybe I am missing something then. I need traffic to flow from VLAN X to traverse through the Balance router to VLAN Y - this doesn’t appear to be working.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and I would like to know if we are going to be able to assign ports to specific VLANs any time soon. The latest v6.1.0 build is working flawlessly for us but it desperately needs expanded VLAN functionality. Also, we need a way to limit (reserve) bandwidth per VLAN.


Hi Omar, sorry to disappoint you but between now and the final 6.1 there is no change to the feature set. The priority now is to make 6.1 GA in the hands of the customers.

Your feature requests will be evaluated for future releases. Thanks.