VLAN definitions on SD Switch

I have 3 48 ports SD Switches linked by means of SPF+ and fiber. We want to define VLANs according to their use:

VLAN 10 for Data Services (PC´s & Servers)
VLAN 20 for Access Points (No voice required)
VLAN 30 for Voice Services (IP Phones and IP PBX)

Right now switches are working but I see that PCs and Servers are assigned to VLAN1 which is defined by default. We have identified that if we configure LAN ports specifing ALL vlans, everything works correctly but if we speficy the proper VLAN (i.e. VLAN 20 for access points) we lost monitoring of it.

Any basic guidelines about how to define such VLANs? How to avoid sending data over VLAN 1 ? Any experiences with such behave


Hello @dllamas,
Where are you defining your VLANs, though InControl2 or in the switch itself?
Also what version of Firmware are you running on each of the switches?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I’m doing it by Incontrol2 since network is currently working. Switches are running firmware 1.1.2 Build 191

Thanks in advance

Hello @llamasd,
I gather you and @dllamas are the same.

In InControl2, you need to assign your ports to the required VLAN by changing them from Trunk to Access.

From Trunk

To Access

Test this on one or two ports to make sure it works before changing all ports.

You may also need to ensure that you have proper VLAN routing/mapping setup in your router, with Peplink Balance & Pepwave MAX routers you can do some of this from within InControl2, the more complex rules need to be done in the router.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: