VLAN and Portal Help

Hi Guys

I’m on a motor yacht and been asked to change the network setup etc…
Fun new project, but I’ve hit a wall.

So I’ve read the portal and vlan guides, but I’m still at a loss.

We want 5 groups/vlans with the ability to change and limit internet to each group.
Ie: at the dock when connected to “wifi to wan” we can give all groups unlimited connection.
at sea using cellular internet, we can limit groups.

at sea:
owner - unlimited - wireless
guests - 3mbps - wireless
officers - 1mbps - wireless
crew - 256 kbps - wireless
boat - no access - ethernet and wireless.

  1. The issue is except by setting up Ssid’s for each group and limiting the speed that way, is it not possible to just create a portal and one ssid with the “guest account” setting using “username and password”, tick the allow multiple devices and set limits for each group that way? or have I missed something?

  2. I can’t see a way to limit “boat vlan” over ethernet. over wifi if you create its own ssid, that’s the only place I can see limitations.

I’ve looked at QOS but its terribly limited.

Max br: for cellular
soho surf: wifi to wan (with ap disabled)
balance one: router
Pepwave AP One Rugged: ap’s
3 various switches.

Thanks for any direction in advance.