Virtualfusionhub as Hub and internet gateway


I am facing what can only be described as a particular situation.

I am operating in Iraq and have Peplinks deployed throughout the country and neighboring countries and i am presently purchasing even bigger equipment and is setting up active/active setup in all locations, but i need to overcome stability.

Internet providers in Iraq is routing quite differently as you will see as examples below.
From Baghdad to Erbil using ISP1 i have 40ms delay
From Baghdad to Erbil using ISP2 i have 160ms delay
From Baghdad to Kuwait using ISP1 i have 30ms delay
From Baghdad to Kuwait using ISP2 i have 250ms delay
And so on.

This of course means that bonding as such is well for lack of better word useless.
Due to stability however i have in each location AT LEAST 2 landline connections and 2 VSAT backup connections.

Bonding is as described as useless
Internet i always set as persistence
Meaning i got my redundancy covered

What i noticed however is that latency to Europe from all locations is 90-110ms

what i was thinking was to rent a virtual server and install fusion-hub on this and then going from full-mesh to a star topology and also forcing my internet traffic through Europe for security reasons.

My “design” questions is as follows

  1. would 20ms “jitter” if you will be within bonding parameters and this work?
  2. would it be possible to push the traffic to a virtual server and then push it out to the internet access or would external router be required or something?

Hi Kim,

  1. 20ms variance should be fine and certainly better than what you currently have - although with the longer distances involved (and so more routing hops) it will be interesting to see if that 90-110ms is stable throughout the day…
  2. Yes this is possible. FusionHub can act as both the SpeedFusion Hub and as an internet breakout point. You would set an outbound rule for internet access on your in country devices that sends general internet traffic out over SpeedFusion instead of directly out of the WAN ports.


Hi Martin
I am trying to make arrangements for a beta test which i hope to run next month.

I have a few questions though.

  1. is it possible to get a trial licence for 7 sites for 90 days as this will take time to setup and i need to be thorough as all traffic and entire topology will effect everyone here.
  2. would the following server specs be sufficient for 500mbps of throughput

Intel Xeon E5 2620V2 @ 2.10Ghz (dual processor meaning 2 processors and 12 cores)
1TB SSD storage