Viggo Petersens’s rolling office case


With Peplink routers in the vehicles at Viggo Petersens Eftf., The drivers’ everyday lives have been optimized with modern communication. At the same time, drivers have become more confident; Now it can be seen where they are and it is easier for them to get in touch with the call center.

About Viggo Petersen’s Eftf. A / S

Viggo Petersens Eftf. A / S in Taastrup is the oldest freight company in Denmark. The company was established in 1904 in Taastrup by Sophus Larsen. Viggo Petersens Eftf. employs various transport and distribution tasks in the metropolitan area.

Customer needs

The company needed better and more accessible communication between the drivers and the call center. Da Viggo Petersens Eftf. in the spring of 2015 heard about Northcom’s communication solutions, they became interested in knowing more and testing the various options. In the past, the company has used PCs with a built-in navigation system. They were expensive to operate and therefore chose manat to switch to tablets, but the antenna conditions in a tablet not satisfactory. Therefore, it was not a viable solution; They wanted something more and better.

Northcom Denmark’s solution

Northcom Denmark’s solution is primarily based on Peplink’s Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE routers, of which we are distributors. Added to this is an outdoor external antenna that can run both 3G / 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi, to optimize reception conditions. With the routers’ built-in GPS forwarding, the GPS signal can be streamed via Wi-Fi, so that the tablet always receives an optimal GPS signal. It is a simple but robust and stable solution, which has been installed for approx. 100 vehicles. The principle is the same as in the Danish ambulances, where the employees press a touch screen for e.g. to be booked for journeys and via the cloud-based management system “InControl”, the driving department can now follow the trucks and plan journeys based on the individual truck’s location in the country.


Viggo Petersens Eftf. sees several benefits of having switched to Northcom’s solution. The primary benefit is that the company has achieved better communication with their drivers. This has also been a wish on the part of the drivers. There is now GPS positioning in the vehicles, which gives an overview of the individual truck’s location and it makes the drivers more confident in everyday life. Another advantage is “Fleet Management”, which enables history of where the drivers have been on the individual routes. The company also sees advantages in being able to use two different SIM card providers. This causes the router to change provider itself, depending on coverage and outcomes. In short, it has been an investment in better communication and more accessibility, rather than traditional communication.

The future

In the future, Viggo Petersen’s Eftf. A / S that they would like to start using Skype-for-Business for video calls between vehicles and office. Among other things, it will give communicators the opportunity to face each other, thereby minimizing the risk of misunderstandings. At the same time, they can show the current situation via video / Skype-for-Business, should they run into problems.