View and edit peplink router in several Incontrol accounts

Dear Colleagues, i have a partner that is a Network technician and i want him to be able to work via Incontrol on my router. Is it possible to create a new InControl account and connect it to a device that is allready connected to another account?
Best regards and thank you for your experience

Hi Fabian,
What you can do here is add your partner under your InControl2 Organization as an organization administrator, or at the group level as a group administrator using their name and email.
This alone won’t give them access yet. Once you’ve added them, they’ll want to create their InControl2 account using that email. They can create an InControl2 account at the link below. Once they’ve created their account with that same email, they will have access to your organization/group.

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Maybe enforce 2FA as well if not already set in your organization/group for all users.

Great thank you very much !

Hi Stego, good idea, where can i do that? Thank you

This guide will walk you through it

Done :slight_smile: Thank you much!