Video Conference vs Other Traffic

For video conferencing, I setup a SpeedFusion Cloud with just bonding (no wan smoothing, no forward error correction) and both internet sources as Priority One. I added Zoom and Office 365 under Optimize Cloud Application and that traffic seems to be running through correctly using the bonded connection.

The question is I want the “rest of my traffic” (youtube, browsers, etc) to go through one internet source and failover to the second source. But if I change the priority in the Admin Dashboard it also puts one of the WAN connections in my video conference speedfusion cloud into standby mode.

Do I need to setup another cloud to steer the rest of my traffic or is there an easier way to do this?

what are your ISPs/connections? best to use multiple speed fusion tunnels. for video conferencing, if you want a seamless reliable connection, typically Bonding is the wrong choice why are you using it?

To be honest I am not sure of the best way to handle my video conferencing. That was my first attempt at seeing what may work well.

My two connections are starlink and verizon lte. What I am trying to solve is my best chance to have a stable video conference connection without always messing with setting from location to location (in RV). What I have found is starlink can give me good speeds but can drop once in awhile for a few seconds if I am not in a place with no obstacles. Most of the time I have “average” speed on my LTE due to locations (just using LTE - sometimes it’s fine for video conferencing and sometimes it’s not great).

For the rest of the traffic (non video conference) I just want it to try starlink first and then failover to my LTE to save on MB’s. Side note: Transit Cat18 with 4xmimo antenna.

How would you recommend setting up - I appreciate your advice.

look at smoothing and FEC. there is some previous discussion here as it relates. perhaps someone can repeat the information. bonding is the wrong choice. even speedfusion hot failover would be better IMO.

as for the other traffic, its quite simple… set default outbound rule for everything… then special rule for video conferencing via the speedfusion tunnel.