Very Slow 4G connection BR1 MAX LET-E in Turkey


We have a BR1 MAX LTE-E with a VODAFONE Turkish 4G SIM

We are having toruble with the 4G LTE connection mainily very low speed.

Can any one help if the 4G LTE Turkish network is not performing as due?

We ge speed of few Kb and maximums of 2/3 mb nothing with the expected 40 Mb.

Please help.

Thank in advance.

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Hi Dario,

Without further information it impossible to answer your question.

Watt is the reported signal strength, quality and throughput?
Have you tested with a different SIM card and do you get better results?
When you use this SIM in another device in the same location, do you get better speeds?

Please open a support ticket for further diagnosis of the problem.


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Why is 40Mbps expected? Is that achieved using a smartphone? If so which one?

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Hi Erik / Martin

Actually it is connected by 3G it seems 4G signal is very poor.
The signal details of the 3G connection follow:
Id de célula




Banda de red

WCDMA Band 1 (2100 MHz)

Fuerza de señal

RSSI: -85 dBm

Método de control de salud


IP detectada por InControl


236.0 kbps (8.0 kbps 228.0 kbps)



For what I believe it is a very poor signal either, so nothing achievable to the router itself.
Yes we have tested with different sim cards from Vodafone.

The one it is now in, is an turkish Vodafone card.
We have two more cards from Vodafone Spain that does not even get a connection, while the same card in a Iphone works at 15Mbs.
It seems the router does not get a connection with the Spanish Vodafone card wich is working perfectly in Spain.

Spanish cards are full opeartive with 300 Mbs speed achievable.

Yes with an IPAD or Iphone the signal is slightely better 12/15 Mbs (Turkish Vodafone).

Why we expected 40 Mbs, simple HSDPA+ protcol minimums.

Is there any external antenna to improve signal perfomance? P/N?

The system is on boat must be IP67…

Or move the BR1-Max to more exposed placement on Fly top.

Any suggestion is much apreciated.



The tested iPhone/iPad was at the same place as the router?
external anntenna for a boat is alwas a good decision :wink:

Where are you in turkey?

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Fethiye / Marmaris


Please open a support ticket for further diagnosis of the problem.

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