Very bad signal to noise

I just recently purchased a cat 12 max transit duo. I am experiencing some very bad signal to noise levels on all my bands when manually switching between them. Has anyone found a way to limit this or improve the signal to noise. I have yet to receive a sinr value that is positive and some are as bad as -10. I am currently in a military base and was wondering if this could be the issue? Has anyone had any experience with this ?


What antennas are you using? If you are using external omni directionals remove them and plug the stick antennas back in and see what happens.

I would expect to see a whole mess of RF in a military baseā€¦ From experience of similar environments I have always had to use directional antennas at the perimeter facing outwards to get signal from more distant towers.

The directional antennas do two things, ignore the general noisy RF environment to be found on base, but also reach out to more distant, towers that are not as busy as the locally serving ones that everyone on base is hammering and saturatingā€¦

I am using the pepwave 42g omnidirectional antenna. I figured this was most likely the issue of being on base. This is an air base to so I bet they have all kinds of signals going in and out. Is there a decent directional antenna that you would recommend that I could pole mount ?

I would recommend 2 x (one per modem) Peplinks 20G antennas with 5M of cable (ANT-IOT-20G-S-W-16)

Or you could just buy one 20G and test on a single modem.

Crazy as it sounds, do test with just the stick antennas also. Being smaller, they pick up less signal - which means they also pick up less noise. Sometimes you can get more throughput on the small paddle antennas in noisy environments.

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Thanks for your help. I was running just the paddles before install of the 42g and it was still pretty bad. I think I might just be flooded being in this base. Im hoping as you suggest that the directional may help cut through some of that and be able to reach a further antenna.

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