Verizon ACL791L connecting but not working with PEPWAVE-MAX

Just purchased and received a new Verizon ACL791L. Used the USB cable to connect into Port 1 and the 791L will connect without any problem but I have no internet. The WiFi on the 791L works fine without any problem and if I connect the Hot spot to the PEPWAVE-MAX Wi-Fi WAN it also works fine. Please advise. :frowning:

Please make sure you are running the latest firmware and if that doesn’t resolve it please open a support ticket for further investigation:

I’m currently at 6.3.0 build 1967 Not sure why but when ever I hit the button for “Check for Firmware” I get the message “No update available” so apparently that button doesn’t work.
I downloaded 6.3.1 build 2023 and attempted the Upgrade and the screen went blank. After a short time it came back and when I went back to the System Firmware screen it has a “Fatal Error (err code = -2)” on it. I’ll open a support ticket as advised. Thanks

Duh, found the problem. In order to connect the ACL791L via USB the WiFi hotspot on it needs to be turned off. :rolleyes:

Awesome, that makes sense :up: