Utility App Issue

For the past 2 days around 1/4 of my base in my app are all in the red with “Error communicating with the router”.
*I haven’t performed firmware upgrades on any of these devices.
*No access ports have been changed.
*Event logs are the same.
*Push events is still turned on in all of them.
*I have restarted the app like 10 times and also restarted my phone about 4 and still the same issue.

I was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue.

FYI: I can still log into all the firewalls via exact IP, Port, Credentials that I have in the app.

Very strange indeed. Please open a ticket for further investigation:

Do you want me to still make a ticket because I sent a debug report right from the app to [email protected]. But if I should just make a normal ticket just let me know. Thanks

When you sent the email it automatically creates a ticket and we will follow up there. Thanks!

This problem is due to something that changed between iOS 9.2.1 and the new iOS 9.3, which became available Monday. The solution is to update your routers to firmware 6.3.1.

Thanks RalphA, actually it has nothing to do with iOS but the fix is to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Having same exact problem as TJVoIP45. Really since I updated my all my Apple devices to iOS 9.3 all of them say “Error Communicating with the Router” while us in the Peplink iOS App - very frustrating. I can access it via any browser (Mac OS X and Windows) as usual, but not with my iPhone or iPad. HOWEVER, I can access it through my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android) Peplink app without a hitch, so I agree with “RalphA” that it definitely has something to do with the iOS update to 9.3. For the record, nothing changed on the Peplink Balance 20 router or any of my iOS devices prior to the problem arising. And in case you’re wondering, I test a lot of apps on both the iOS and Android platforms frequently, hence the multiple devices.

With all due respect to the Tim S. of Peplink, I think the app needs to be updated to work with iOS 9.3 since that’s the only thing that has changed since the problem began, and being that all other methods (including the Adroid app version) works without having updated the firmware. I hope this helps find the much needed solution.


Ok so everything coms back like you said when updating to 6.3.1 or 6.3.0 but what about my devices that are hardware revision 1. Last time I tried to upgrade to 6.3.0 on revision 1, I bricked the device.

Hi TJ,

So far we have no cases reported for the device firmware upgrade to 6.3.0 or 6.3.1 will cause the device brick.

Can you please confirm the device model that belongs to you and what is the current firmware running for the device ?

Thank You

It was a Balance 20 that is now taken apart and in parts everywhere. I couldn’t resist to see what was inside. Unfortunately I don’t know where the case is anymore but I can tell you it was a hardware revision 1 running the latest 6.2.2. I tried updating to original 6.3.0 and device just bricked itself. I went on customer site and could not get into the device after factory resetting it like 5 times, using different computers I mean you name it. Even when we brought back to office none of us could get in so we scrapped it.

FYI: Last night I tried to update another customer Balance 210 HW Revision 4, 1925-09AE-750D, 6.2.2 build 2037 to the latest 6.3.1 and none of the VoIP phones on my VoIP VLAN came back up online. I checked all switches onsite and all configs were fine, no errors, no spanning tree errors, all 30 or so computers on native VLAN were working fine, auto voice vlan was still intact.

I tried to disable my voice vlan in the 210 and re-enable and still nothing, rebooted all 5 switches and still nothing. I ended up reverting back to 6.2.2 build 2037 and all phones came back up. This happened to another customer on a balance 20 when I went from latest 6.2.2 to original 6.3.0 but when I upgraded this one to 6.3.1 latest then everything was normal again. Im not sure but it sounds like there is some bug or disconnect in the code for the firmware with something with the vlan’s created in balance. Or I dk maybe just something with the particular device which I doubt being everything works fine on other firmware’s.


Hi TJ,

Please open a support ticket here for us to further investigate.

Thank You

I assume everyone participating in this thread is aware that the iOS app was updated to version 1.4.4 yesterday with notes showing:
“1. Optimized for iOS 9.3
2. Bug Fixes”
Oddly enough it does not seem to have fixed the “Router unreachable” issue. I guess that means the fix is still to update router firmware to 6.3.1. We have not updated our production routers yet, but I did see 6.3.1 solve the issue on a spare router last week.

In RU version 1.4.4 we have added a “Compatibility mode” setting that may help to establish a link with devices running older firmware. However this is NOT the recommended setting and we suggest to upgrade the device firmware to 6.3.1 instead. Thanks.