Using Peplink Devices for Marine Deployments

One additional question - what is the GPS used for and is it necessary for my situation?

I’m not sure I can quantify this, as with most wifi related questions the answer is ‘it depends’ (on the environment, your location, the infrastructure etc). Perhaps the community here can share their experience. However when you get the cellular data pricing right you wouldn’t want or need to use wifi I think.

The Poynting Omni - 402, I have never met as big a bunch of antenna geeks as the guys at Poynting - which always feels me with confidence, and we have had very good customer experiences on vessels using the 402.

For location tracking - nothing more or less, only if you want to track your vessel remotely.

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Thank you Martin for you reply.

There is confusion on the first question which is my fault. My question is Peplink Transit LTE using single MAIN antenna (AUX terminated) vs iphone XS using internal LTE MIMO antenna (whilst standing on deck) - which would have a data rate?

You can use the GPS for many things.

  • tracking the vessel
  • if they are calling you with some problems, you can see where they are and what is the signalquality in the moment
  • you can see the country and maybe issues with your provider
  • many more


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Ah so which would have a higher datarate, and by datarate we mean when the owner runs a speedtest on the Transit and then compares against the iPhone XS right?

In a marina? Likely the iPhone XS would outperform the Transit. Out at sea, the Transit would outperform the iPhone.

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An additional question on the Peplink Transit but this time regarding the WIFI MIMO antennas. I intend to used the Wifi function to provide internal WLAN to various IOS and Windows devices. Does the Aux Wifi only receive or does it transmit too?

If I only used the Main WIFI antenna (no AUX / MIMO) what WIFI speeds will I be limited to? How much would this limit my deployment if the only aim of the Transit is to redistribute the LTE connection to the internal WIFI devices (no internal LAN data transfer)?

Thanks and Seasons Greetings to all.

I am looking at putting peplink equipment onboard our large fishing boats. I am having difficulties find expertise on equipment and configuration from some of the resellers. Is there someone we could work with directly at peplink?


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@Sam_Norris could likely help you with some guidance. And if I can help at all I would be very happy to. Where in the world are you?


We are in Seattle area.


Hi Phillip
Please send me an email and we will get you set up with a partner that knows their stuff with maritime deployments!
[email protected]

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We are really interested in the original post and subsequent discussion but the images from the original post are gone. Can they be restored???

This is a really old post on marine connectivity. Although some of the content is still valid in principle, Peplink have a bunch of new products that are much better suited to marine use.

Take a look at:


It seems I can’t edit my original post but here are the missing images: