Using iPhone/iPad As Internet Connection


I am having a little trouble wrapping my head around how to use an iPhone for an Internet connection through my Peplink Balance 20 router. Yes, I understand that tethering is not possible with Apple, but I am reading snippets of using a separate directly wired WiFi device that connects to the iPhone via the hotspot feature or possibly Peplink’s Surf-On-The-Go device. Can someone explain this further to me or even provide a diagram?

Alternatively, if I upgrade to the Balance 30 LTE unit, could I take the SIM card out of my iPad and use it in the Peplink device? $20 extra a month for emergency Internet at a decent speed is allot cheaper than any other ISP option.

Dr. Z.


You can use the SIM out of the Ipad. You would just need a adapter for it so it fits our 2FF slot size. Otherwise you can certainly plug a SOTG into a WAN port of the B20 and connect the Iphone Hotspot to the SOTG. Log into the SOTG and it will search for wireless signals to connect to. In this case you would choose the Iphone Hotspot. Then connect the SOTG via Ethernet to one of the WAN Ports.

Balance 20----WAN-----SOTG )))Wifi((( Iphone

What carrier are you on?

If AT&T, it will not work simply switching SIMs. I found out the hard way. The IMEI/ICCID numbers need to match and it will disconnect within 30 minutes.

You need to have a dedicated Hot Spot with a matching SIM and IMEI/ICCID number.

As AT&T charges $20 (which you quoted)…and Verizon charges $10 for a Hot Spot, I am inclined to think you are on AT&T.