Using FusionHub to access the local firewall

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been looking through the forum to figure out a way to access my Kerio Firewall through the MBX.
The aim is to give access through Kerio VPN client to computers of our domain out of our local network.
Here is what I have:

FIrewall>MBX>Speedfusion>FusionHUB AWS with public IP.

I have linked the Firewall with DDNS as we have more than 1 uplink. DDNS seems to work fine for the VSAT uplink, but not for the MBX.
What I believe it’s the cause is regarding the link between the local network to the FusionHUB public IP.

While resolving the DDNS, the Kerio gives the MBX gateway


This makes me think that the Kerio can’t see further than the MBX.

I know this might be a RTFM thing, but if someone could point me to the right direction that would be great.

Let me know what info to supply and I’ll happily do so.