Using 2 SIMS in a Pepwave Max Transit 5G

“Bandwidth Allowance Monitor”?

For the section “SIM Card”:
“SIM A Only” and “SIM B Only” are self explanatory, but what’s the difference between “Both SIMs” and “Alternate periodically”? With it set for “Both SIMs”, is it actively using data/routing on both SIMs simultaneously?

No. When On Both SIMS It will try and use SIM A first if it doesn’t get a connection it will try SIM B. If it can’t get connection on SIM B (or loses connection) it will try SIM A again and so on.

Both SIMs have the modem swapping between SIMs when connectivity is lost. Periodic swapping is a time based process so that restricted bandwidth allowances available on a single SIM can be consumed equally across a pair of SIMs.

Thanks for the quick response Martin!

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