User Bandwidth Control Groups


Just throwing it out there, but if you guys made a firmware for the Balance 20 and One that allowed access to the User Bandwidth Control Groups, we would be willing to pay for that firmware the same way you have to pay for say the Speedfusion upgrade. Reason being is because we have a ton of customers that we utilize VLAN’s with for both Hosted VoIP Phones, Computers, and WiFi networks with multiple WAN connections. It would be nice to be able give our VoIP phone sub-net guaranteed bandwidth. I know it’s on the 305 and above but sometimes it’s hard to convince a customer with 30 total devices who is trying to save money to begin to buy a $1,500.00 router on top of new POE switches. Our company will not go into a new customer without using Peplink Balance routers and our own POE switches for our phones services, so the more quality of service I can give them with the phones, the better. Again i’m just saying we’d pay for it.


I agree with this guy. Bandwidth Control feature is better to be in all Balance models. I think Small/Medium business would need this feature more than enterprise users. bandwidth saving is much more important for small companies rather than enterprise because they are usually on lower budget. moreover most of the enterprise companies have UTM/Firewall/Web Proxy server behind the Peplink, so they usually use the bandwidth management and quota on the UTM because they have more feature and flexibility in compare with Peplink (usually per user shaping rules are being used, not per IP Address). honestly I’m selling Peplink since 2009 and haven’t seen an enterprise customer using Peplink bandwidth management feature until now and the main reason is that it doesn’t support user authentication with LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. also when there’s another router or firewall or web proxy behind the Peplink, bandwidth management Per IP address is totally useless as Peplink can not see real network workstations behind the firewall.


Thanks for the feedback guys - I see where you’re coming from. We will certainly review your suggestion in the next product review meeting.