USB 4G / 3G Modem Support

Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX support 4G / 3G connections. A list of supported modems is available at

If your modem is not on the list, we can support it by remote assistance service.

To do so, please turn on Remote Assistance and create a support ticket with us at

Please provide the following information when creating your support ticket with the following informations:

  • Modem make and model
  • Name of your 4G / 3G Service Provider
  • Your country
  • APN, username and password (if any)
  • Does your modem provide Interenet coinnectity when connected to a PC? (Yes or No)
  • Is your SIM card locked? (Yes or No) If yes, please provide the SIM PIN.
  • Any error message

Our engineers will connect to your device by our remote assistance service to take a closer look. Steps for allowing remote access will be provided by our support team.

Enjoy your Peplink/Pepwave.

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