Usage per user/MAC address


We think it could be useful to have a report that shows MAC address of user devices and their usage on a period.

thanks in advance!

This is supported in InControl 2.

You can find this under Reports > Device Reports.
By clicking on the hyperlinked client names, you can see they MAC adresses and usage over the last 30 days.

Could this be what you’re looking for?

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thanks Joey!

not really…
we want a report where you can see MAC and usage (Mb) over the last 30 days on total.
each row would contain one user (MAC – Mb/Gb).

I might be wrong, but I think I know what you’re looking for.

This is what I can find in InControl 2, under Reports > Device Reports.
You can filter on Today, Yesterday, last 7 days, last 31 days, or even a custom period.
The list isn’t very detailed, since the device used for the screenshot has only been in use for a few days.

By clicking on the hyperlinked clients, you can find more detailed information about the specific clients:

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Thanks Joey,

I know these option…

I want a report like this:

like ‘Top Device by Usage’ but detailing MAC address also…

Ah, I get what you mean now.
As far as I know this isn’t supported.

You can download all ‘Top Clients by Usage’ information in InControl2 into a CSV file, but that still only gives you the device name, download & upload in MB’s and the usage in a percentage.

Adding the MAC adress to this list would be nice addition.


thanks Joey!