URL Logging Peplink Balance

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in case we have multiple VLANs on the Peplink device, From which LAN interface, does the Peplink send the logs messages to the Syslog Server? from the native, or from the Reachable VLAN?

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It sends to IP, so I would assume it picks the interface with the least cost. I have mine setup with all untagged for wired devices, so I can’t confirm for you. My guess would be the local untagged LAN. I am curious as to the official Peplink response as well

any update please about this case

@jmjones is correct. For example, if the Syslog server is located at Vlan 2, Balance router will send the Syslog message from interface Vlan 2.

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just for clarification to others, Peplink support answer was as below:

The source IP address will always be from untagged VLAN interface IP address.

You are right. As mentioned here, Syslog packet will be sent out from interface Vlan 2. The source IP of the packet was Untagged Vlan interface IP.