URL logging is not showing any activity on the remote syslog


I have a new Surf-SOHO with firmware 7.0.0 build 1139.
I have both “event log” and “URL logging” enabled and configured to send the log data to a local syslog (ip @ port 514).
I can see the event log entries but the URL logs are missing. The content filter is working fine but does not generate any log entry on the remote syslog nor on the built-in device event log.

Is this a SW bug? Any suggestion of what could be wrong?


We tested both are able to log into our Syslog server. Please try to do the Network Capture via http://LAN IP/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi to confirm the URL log was sent out from SOHO. You should able to see something like this.

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I did activate the support.cgi url and got into the page below.

I started a network capture and got the network dump file.

As “lan.pcap" is a binary file, what tool do you use to view the results?

Jaime Colacio

Please use WireShark to open the captured file.

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The Surf SOHO is sending the URL log data to my Syslog server. URL log data is flagged as “INFO” level versus “ALERT” for firewall log data. It seems that my Syslog server is only recording the “ALERT” packets and ignoring the “INFO” stream.

Thank you for your help.


I can’t seem to find URL logging as an option on my Balance One running firmware 7.1.2. Where is it located?

Go to the “Advanced” tab. Under “Firewall/Content Blocking”, it is at the bottom.

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