Uptime beyond expectations

I post occasionally in the other forum with a question or problem with my pair of B210s, but I never took the time to share how absolutely amazing SpeedFusion is.

My business has two locations, head office in Vancouver, Canada and the branch office in rural British Columbia. The branch office is served by two ADSL links that top out at 3mbps each at the best of times. This is due to the significant cable run from the telco demarcation point. The latency fluctuates between an acceptable 60-80 ms up to an “as good as down” 1500 ms.

By using two of these awful ADSL connections and one HSPA+ mobile phone antenna (which only gets “2 bars” of service) bonded together with SpeedFusion, the rural office sees 99.94% VPN uptime across the year.

How is this possible? I have no clue… must be pure Peplink magic. :D:D

Further: We are only a tiny business compared to what I’ve seen of other Peplink deployments. The support I’ve received from Peplink when I’ve needed it has been world class. It made me feel like I was a $1m account instead of a $3k small time operation.

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Thanks for sharing, we appreciate your business and support of our brand! :up:

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