Uploading to YouTube always uses slower WAN connection

I am having issues with uploading to YouTube (Peplink Balance 20).

The router uses my slower WAN2 connection to do that, unless I disable that one.

I think it may be due to the fact that I have a persistence outbound policy for HTTPS set and uploading to YouTube does use HTTPS. However, the policy does not specific the WAN to use.

Would setting an additional Overflow outbound rule to prioritize WAN1 fix this issue?


  1. May I know what is the setting for the Load Distribution (Auto or Custom)?

  2. What is the Downstream Bandwidth of the WANs?

By default (Auto), the Load Distribution Weight will be calculated by Downstream Bandwidth of the active WAN connections.

  1. Load distribution is set to AUTO.

  2. Downstream bandwidth of WAN1 is 50Mbps and WAN2 is 4.25Mbps.

I only ever want to use WAN1 unless it’s being used fully, or if it’s down.


You may set Algorithm to Oveflow and put WAN1 as highest priority then follow by WAN2.

Thanks, I will give this a try.


This will work. Essentially it will keep all traffic to WAN1 and then once it reaches 90% saturation on that link [percentages governed by the set value of up/down for that WAN (See Network>WAN>Up/Down and set the values accordingly)] it will then start new sessions and the next available WAN.

Thanks, what speeds should I enter in there? The speeds I’m paying the ISP for or should I run some speedtests and put in those speeds? What would make it function optimally, etc.?

Sometimes the marketed speed is not the same as actual speed, so I recommend to do speed tests on the lines and enter those values.

Thanks. For best performance, is it better to set the speed in the Balance 20 bit a bit less or higher than actual observed speed? I know that the speed can vary a bit, especially with cable modem service although I typically get a bit higher than the service I’m paying for.

If your speeds are fairly consistent I would use those numbers, no need to fluctuate.

Thanks for the info.