Upload logs in a package

Url access logs&dhcp logs must be provided when it is requested in our country
Peplink MAX series is sending logs to a remote Syslog server. If we lose the internet connection, we also lose the logs. Is the following method possible?
Peplink MAX will collect logs then pack it. And upload the package to a remote log server. If upload fails, Peplink should try to reupload. If Peplink MAX has not enough space in memory. We should use USB storage.
What is your comment?

Look like the pain point here is lossing the logs when internet connection is interrupted. Do you think SpeedFusion will help?

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Hi Liew,
Actually not only internet connection interrupted. Remote log server/service can be down when internet is working.
Is it possible you evaluate it as a feature request?


Engineering team definitely will evaluate the request. Just worry it may not be a high priority feature :smile::smile::smile:

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This is a feature which we would like also to see.