Upgrading my APs to support AX and Fast Roaming

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I currently use AC One AC Mini APs controlled by a Balance One for WiFi around my boat and discovered that they do not support above WPA2 for security and was looking to swap them out. After discovering the new AP ONE AX APs I also added to my list of desirable benefits of that product that they are 802.11ax (WiFi 6) and even more importantly that they support Fast Roaming (802.11k/v/r).

However, my current Balance One does not seem to support either 802.11ax or Fast Roaming?

Does anyone know which Peplink AP controller I should use that supports:

802.11ax (if it has a built in AP)
The ability to centrally configure Fast Roaming (802.11k/v/r) on AP ONE AX APs

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you can manage the AP One AX via your Balance One, I was doing this until yesterday (when I upgraded to a Balance 20X), I think you are confusing the internal AP of the Balance One AP that does not indeed support AX or fast roaming. So if you do get a AP One AX, you will get all the benefits it supplies including WPA3, and 802.11k/v/r

Thank you for your reply Andy.

I understand that AP ONE AX’s can be configured by a Balance ONE for basic WiFi but I have two issues with your suggestion:

1: Do we know if Fast Roaming comes on automatically with the AP ONE AX’s or are there extra configuration parameters that an AP controller must understand and display to the Administrator in order to activate and tune 802.11k/v/r Fast Roaming?

2: The Balance One has as internal WiFi AP that doesn’t look like it can be disabled so if any WiFi clients roam onto it (as happens on my boat) and it doesn’t support Fast Roaming, the solution will be compromised?

It would be great to get some input from Peplink on this but I have no means of consulting them?

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  1. Fast Transition Is configure under the settings for the SSID

  1. Internal AP can be turned off on the dashboard page

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