Upgrading Firmware and Supported Modems

Howdy folks… can someone tell me if this is the proper firmware for my Max 700 (hardware version 1)?

MAX 700/HD2

From what I’m reading, seems like I have to get back under warranty or total care in order to upgrade from firmware 5 to 6?

Can someone tell me what the differences are between the max 700 hardware versions 1, 2 and 3? Hopefully version 1 is still able to handle current firmware and functionality…

Do I gain much in functionality going up to 6 from firmware 5?

Can I update the supported modem list without upgrading the firmware? I’m not seeing any clues about that being possible.

Yes, the download link is the latest firmware for MAX700

You can obtain a free firmware key by follow the below step:

Functionality should be almost the same only the different will be performance & WIFI technology that can be supported.

Please keep the latest firmware as this should be include the bug fixed & feature improvements.

No, you should keep the latest firmware for the supported modems. Firmware license is free start from June 2015.

Thank You

Thanks so much! Wonderful to learn about the free firmware upgrades… now that leaves me a budget to get a FusionHub license!