Upgrade firmware via 3G

Hello, I’ve a Balance20 with only a 3G dongle as WAN, connected via IPSEC vpn to the central site.
The Balance20 is running 5.4.9 , and we would like to upgrade to 6.1 and join it to incontrol2.

I have the 6.1 firmware key ready, but I’m concerned about the upgrade: once I upload remotely the firmware and reboot, will the Balance reconnect to Internet using the 3G and register to incontrol2?
Or I need someone on the LAN to manage it and paste the key?

I haven’t any IT on site, so in case of failure I need to have it shipped back to HQ…


Yes, it will connect to the Internet with 3G and register to IC2. After that, you can input the firmware key via Pepmin.