Upgrade Balance One with Balance Two?

Our Cable provider has upgraded our WAN data rate to 1 GBps, recently.
Currently, we are using a Balance One router (WAN1 cable / WAN2 LTE) in a small office scenario, 3 floors, several desktop pc‘s and LAN devices spread over 3 VLANs, 4 Wifi APs in a private home like building (200m2). 29 LAN ports (incl. 4 POE / POE+) used to cover everything (Balance One and Cisco switches).
2 clients usually use VPN access to customers dial in (VLAN). We were not facing bandwith issues with the balance one, yet.
I wonder whether it‘s worth to upgrade to the Balance Two?
Could a Balance 20x and a seperate USB Gigabit-Adapter (to have 2 WAN ports) be a more affordable alternative solution?

Good comparison, I found here

Consider a couple of things though,

  1. USB-Eth dongles run to a max of 100Mbps - probably not an issue if you are using it to plug in a backup LTE link. If that is a concern you might want to wait a little as there is a plan to allow the use of a VLAN interface or a spare LAN port for additional wired WAN on the 20X.

  2. 20X needs Primecare to be kept running if you want to take advantage of some features, it is a pretty minimal cost though per year.

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