Updating Peplink 310

I have an old Peplink 310 HW 1 which is now running firmware 4.8.3, I wanted to update it to the newer firmware version, but I have to say, the information on the website is very confusing.

What I managed to figure out is that I will not be able to update to the newest version, because the device is too old. InControl2 says that the device is unsupported.

I managed to update it to 5.2.12, but I get the message that license key is required to run the newer version. How do I get one?

The website points to InControl, but my device is not supported. It also says that “As of June 2015, Peplink products come with free Firmware upgrades.”, but does that mean devices bought after June 2015?

What are my options? Am I stuck on 4.8.3?



You may follow the below guy for future upgrades. Otherwise if you could PM me with the SN of the B310 I will provide a 5.x unlock key.

Hi Jarid,
I PM’d you the details.