Updating Outbound Policy, how long for it to take effect?

Just wondering when I make a change to Outbound Policy, sometimes it seems like it works instantly (like routing traffic to VPN) other times it doesn’t seem to update at all, but then works the next day if I come back to it. Just wanted to check if I’m supposed to reboot or do anything first to make changes happen.

It takes effect as soon as you apply changes. Do take note that the outbound policy rules are enforced like firewall rules - from the top down. Thanks

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Yes I’m aware it is top down but it for sure does not update instantly, only on rare cases. For example I have a MAC address set to send all traffic over SpeedFusion, which you’ll see working. When I first enabled this it didn’t work for a good 12 hours, then I got up yesterday morning and it is routing traffic over it. I disabled that rule 3 hours ago, and when I make voice calls from that IP phone it still goes out through SpeedFusion, even though there’s only 1 outbound rule which is to send all traffic to our DSL.

Sessions that are already established will only follow the new rule once that session times-out in the routing table. If you need it to take effect immediately you could just do a restart which will flush everything out. Thanks

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