Update to Firmware 5.4.10 fails

I have a Balance 20 running firmware 5.4.9. I’m trying to upgrade this to 5.4.10. The upgrade process appears normal, but after completing, I still have the same firmware. I’ve tried rebooting, but that hasn’t helped. Any ideas?

When you go to System > Reboot, can you select “Firmware 1” and “Firmware 2”? Normally you should be able to see two memories.
If not, can you please create a support ticket here?

I do see two versions: 5.4.9 and 5.4.7 (non bootable). The router currently boots to 5.4.9. And I’m trying to upgrade to 5.4.10.

Okay, you can see two memories. Normally users can select either one of them and boot their device using the firmware image. Basically this function is available so that the users can roll back to its previous firmware in case they run into some issues with newer firmware.

In your case, you are trying to upgrade firmware from 5.4.9. So the device should overwrite the memory which currently stores the 5.4.7 firmware image with the 5.4.10 firmware. For some reasons, it has not been successful.

We will have to look into the issue. Please create a support ticket and reference this forum post so that we can troubleshoot the issue further. Thanks.