Update Surf Soho Block List


Using Surf Soho MK3 firmware 7.0.1. My question is whether the router can update the web blocking list, and whether this ability is considered a feature add-on?

I can download the block list to a .csv file from the Status/Device page. After that, can the router import the file? The updated list seems like a good add-on security feature if it is offered.

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You can’t import the list to the device. You can actually configure the false positive or false negative domains to the “Customized Domains” and “Exempted Domains from Web Blocking”. Do that work for your case ?


Thank you. I may not understand the block list feature as there is no information in the manual. Does the Surf Soho arrive new with a block list in memory? Is the block list download for customer information only?



The block list you downloaded from the Status/Device page is the list that used by MK3 to do the URL blocking. If the desired domains are not in the list, you may block the domains via Network > Content Bocking.


Thanks for the replies, but I’m finding the information here very sketchy. Even though it has not been stated directly, it appears that the Surf Soho comes with a large list of blacklisted web sites, which is stored in internal memory. That feature must be accessed by ADVANCED/CONTENT BLOCKING/Web Blocking preconfigured categories.

If so, after a few years, that internal list is going to be outdated and no longer valid. I completely do understand that I can manually add undesirable web sites into the Surf Soho. This operation is covered in the manual very well. However the manual is silent about the pre-configured block lists and does not mention anything about the use of the feature; STATUS/Content Filtering Database/ Download. My goal is to understand what each piece of equipment in my network chain is doing.



Blocking websites on your router isn’t really the way to go in any case, at least nobody has been able to explain it to me in a way that makes sense. Websites don’t mean anything. 3/4 of websites last less than a day, let alone “a few years…” I don’t understand why anyone would trust such lists either. A website can simply carry the “bad stuff” from one website, say grossviolentcontent.com, to 28dfdcnd.348shcn.ru, where it can deliver whatever script you didn’t have blocked on your browser. Ublock Origin and Noscript, and maybe the OS/browser family safety features, might be more sensical and up-to-date. Ub Origin’s filters are updated daily and are quite expansive.